How old are you? I’m 23

Where are you from? I’m from Lancashire in the UK

Is your surname really “Who”? No it isn’t, I choose to omit my surname from my social media channels

Where did the name “Katy Who”come from? Years ago, when social media was new, I wanted a handle that linked me in some way to a fandom. Originally I was “KatyLovegood” on my social media channels, but wanting something a little more subtle, I decided to reference one of my favourite TV shows, Doctor Who, instead. Katy Who just sort of stuck after that, and it’s as much of my identity as my real name now so even though it’s not particularly imaginative or whimsical, I’ve grown very attached to it.

How do you style your hair? I don’t really, I just wash it and let it dry… It’s naturally this wild and untameable!

Can we collaborate? Maybe! Drop me an email at katywhocontact@gmail.com and I will get back to you.