My name is Katy and I’d like to welcome you to katy-who.com, a space for dreamers, bookworms and adventurers alike.

I am twenty-three years old and a graduate of the University of Sheffield with a BA in English Literature and an MA in Nineteenth Century Literature. Raised on the land that inspired JRR Tolkien’s The Shire, I spend much of my time meandering over the hills and dales and through the forests of my beloved Lancashire. When I’m unable to adventure out of doors, I like to read and write about it instead. Growing up surrounded by books filled with fairy tales, myths and legends, from a young age I decided to live a life as adventurous and imaginative as possible. I am also currently in the process of writing my first novel.

My beautiful blog header was designed and illustrated by my dear friend Ola, who is an incredibly talented soul. Here is a link to her instagram if you want to get in touch with her!

This blog will document my love for the outdoors, alongside book reviews, lifestyle posts and writing updates.